Counseling and Orientation

KnK Technologies team has a strong belief that, before enrolling into a training course, one needs to have a complete understanding of what what kind of career growth and opportunities lie after the training. Leveraging on its vast experience of its advisers in the VLSI field, KnK team will have One on One counselling and orientation session with every trainee before choosing and enrolling into a course. Based on various factors like educational background, skill level and interest of a trainee, KnK Technologies Team will help him or her select a suitable course.

After a trainee is enrolled into a course module, KnK Technologies will have One on One meetings every fortnight to discuss, follow up and review the progress in training and plan needed action based on such review meetings.

After the cmpletion of training, KnK Technologies will provide a platform to its trainees to get interviewed by VLSI Design Companies across India and the world and support them till they get employed.

KnK Technologies will be available as a Mentor to its trainees from the day we meet till one gets a suitable job.