About KnK Technologies

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Welcome to Komol and Kumari Technologies. First, about the name, the name of the organization is a tribute to the parents of the Chairman of KnK Technologies. KnK Technologies is established in Imphal, Manipur with a vision of creating skilled Human Resources in VLSI and Embedded Design domains.  KnK School of VLSI and Embedded design, the Education initiative arm of KnK Technologies will strive to work as a platform for Engineering graduates in Manipur and Eastern region of India, providing them an opportunity to enter and excel in the world of VLSI design and the ESDM industry.
Our long term mission is to create an ESDM ecosystem in the state of Manipur and Eastern region of India in the next few years. To achieve this mission, KnK School of VLSI and Embedded Design will train engineering graduates in various aspects of VLSI Design like Circuit Design and Simulation, Custom Layout, Standard Cell Layout etc., After completing the training modules offered by KnKSVED, an engineer would have got complete exposure to the IC design and development flow.

The courses and curriculum offered by KnKSVED are well thought of, and defined considering the skill level required to enter the VLSI design industry and perform World Class designs in the ever demanding ESDM sector of today. Backed by industry experts, with close to 20 years in the ESDM and VLSI Design industry, KnK Technologies is certain that you will get the best opportunity to be employed at KnK Technologies or any other Design company. KnK Technologies will provide all required support to its trainees to get a job in the VLSI industry on successful completion of KnKSVED's training modules.